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Getting to know PainSpot


PainSpot is dedicated to providing you with information about your pain. We understand how pain affects your daily life, and wish to provide you with an easy-to-use website to help you find relief from your pain. We hope this information helps you explain your symptoms to your health care provider, as well as educating you about painful musculoskeletal diseases. We do not diagnose what you have, but rather create a risk-list of diagnostic possibilities. This list is then used to direct you toward our disease summaries and other educational resources.

We also hope to alert you about warning symptoms which may require prompt treatment.

Our website does not take the place of medical care, and we only hope to:

  • help you define your pain
  • alert you if you are at risk of having a potentially serious condition
  • improve the communication about your pain with your doctor or other licensed health care professional

We will strive to continue to update this site with recent discoveries and treatments. We welcome your suggestions on how to grow and improve PainSpot with additional content and services.

By involving you in this process, we hope you encourage your active participation in your healthcare decisions, and help you down the road toward a pain free life.